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Dear Home Owner:

  My name is William (Bill) M. Westerman, Jr., and I am a Master Plumber. About 5 years ago (after 10 years of working as a plumbing contractor for Sears) I took the plunge (excuse the pun) into the exciting world of small business. I've had the continuing support of my wife since the beginning and our company has grown to include a dedicated staff of plumbers and office personnel - thanks to an ever growing clientele who believe and invest in us.

  I am taking this opportunity to let you know that you can join us and take advantage of some great deals that I will be offering. Please see the "specials" part of our site.

  No one welcomes or plans for plumbing problems, especially the resultant bills. I ask for your consideration should the need arise, as I can offer services and economies the "big boys" just cannot hope to achieve, a friendly attitude so sorely lacking in customer service area, and my licensed, bonded and insured credentials as a master tradesman. I also work on weekends and holidays at no extra cost to you.

  I believe that success only comes to those who are obsessed with customer satisfaction, so timeliness of arrival, friendly demeanor, skill, attention to detail, meaningful explanations, cleanliness of repair area, and reasonable pricing are all pillars of my business ethics.

  Thank you for taking the time to visit the site. Please feel free to call my office at any time or send me a message.

William M. "Bill" Westerman, Jr.
(757) 766-0523
(757) 594-9332
(757) 594-0187 (fax)